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E-motion Yoga Sessions

Here's a collection of E-motion Yoga sessions from various workshops and seminars. Connect to your body, liberate your emotions and get your life back in flow and bliss with this very special mix of stretches, breathing, trembling, shaking and bio-hacks to regulate your nervous system. The exercises are easy to do and suitable for bodies of all shapes, ages and conditions. You can tune in and practice as often as you like from the comfort of your home.

Before doing the yoga, read the DISCLAIMER

For private use only. For professional use contact

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Abundance Yoga Sessions

Two days E-motion morning yoga recorded live at The Journey Conscious Abundance Seminar.


Let go of the blockages against life, connect with your body, feel your emotions. Release tensions, feelings, blockages, limits, boundaries. Experience the benefits of shaking. Open and fill yourself with permissions, resources, abundance of life. Breathe through a beautiful, guided meditation to clean, energize and harmonize all chakras. Open with all of life and let life work through you.

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No Ego Yoga

Seven sessions tailor made for The Journey No Ego seminar.

Connect to your body, explore the enneagram triads with 3 special sessions, helping you to emotionally connect and physically feel the energy of the triads of Emotion, Mind and Body points. Get useful tools and very different, specific movements to emotionally open with whatever kept you fixated in your type. Breathing techniques and shaking assist you to release and let go. A full session of trembling combined with circular breathing helps your body to heal from, and get completion with what felt overwhelming in the past. Circling grounds, connects and uplifts you, and of course, some shaking celebration energizes you and inspires you to let life force guide you in full freedom.

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Life Transformation

Week Yoga

Eight sessions tailor made for The Journey Life Transformation seminar. 


Transform your whole bodymind. Learn to listen to the body and be guided by your intuition. Stretch your comfort zone, de-armour your body for more openness and flow. Reset the pelvis for more ease and security in life (also great for back pain). Learn how to use all the movement and breathing tools to regulate your nervous system and be fully present. A separate full session of neurogenic trembling frees the body from past trauma and helps to bring life force back in flow. Find your prayer and your purpose and practice letting life in to guide you to use all your gifts and talents.

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Journey Practitioner Mastery

3 videos. Two sessions of live E-motion yoga recorded on Zoom at the JPM Online October 2020.

As the first day was accidentally not recorded, you get another yoga recording from a different retreat as opening and connecting session. Trembling is organically incorporated in the live middle session and the last day has a grounding circling session leading into circular or connected breathing which can include trembling if you choose to lie down and let the trauma release from your tissue while you are doing the breathing session. The live video quality is lower due to Zoom but perfectly sufficient to experience the power of connecting to the body and emotionally releasing what no longer serves you.

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E-motion Yin

Yoga Session

A very soft and gentle yin yoga session assists you to release stress, tension, and anxiety. Nourishing and nurturing for the body, it releases pain and promotes healing. Rubbing, fascia stroking and self-massage prepare the body. Gentle poses are held with the use of pillows or blankets and allow the body to open, release and heal deeply. The 1 hour session ends with a chakra meditation that heals, clears, balances and nourishes the whole body. 2016



Please listen to your body at all times while practicing E-motion yoga. Whenever your body says 'STOP' please stop, feel into the stretch and with your gentle breathing allow it to relax and open. Discomfort is ok but pain is never an option – please back out until the pain subsides. It is natural, normal and intended that emotions or memories come up. In case it might happen to you please embrace them with your loving acceptance and give your body permission to process and release what is ready to go.


In case of existing trauma, physical challenges or illnesses please consult your healthcare provider or trauma counsellor and obtain full medical clearance before practicing E-motion or yoga. Practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor, in addition to the direction of your healthcare provider, can help determine what poses are suitable for your particular case.


The information provided in these YOGA VIDEOS is strictly for reference only and is not in any manner a substitute for medical advice or direct guidance of a qualified yoga instructor or trauma counsellor.


The e-motion instructor, illustrators, editors, publishers and distributors assume no responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may result from practicing e-motion, yoga or shaking.


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