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Nice bounce in your steps –

you got a coach?

  • What if the life you’ve been dreaming about was waiting for you impatiently?

  • What if the only person limiting and sabotaging you was you?

  • What if letting go of pain and problems, embracing the yummy stuff coming your way and feeling goooood were easier than you could imagine? 

  • What if you don’t need more from the outside? 

  • What if appreciation, love, acceptance, respect, compassion, and clear communication was an inside job? Wanna give it a try?

Let’s be real,

coaching and therapy with me is different.

Real happiness comes with being the real you - and that involves letting go of stuff that is not you. 

I am absolutely certain that upgrading your life experience is possible. 20 years of expertise have made me dead sure that help is available and that most of our problems stem from unhealthy reactive patterns caused by our nervous system being on autopilot, instead of us responding freely, openly and appropriately in a relaxed and efficient way. 

So doh, sure you would operate far better if you would feel better – and that’s exactly the point I am making… 

The release of wounds, pains and patterns in our system liberates not only our mind and emotions but most importantly our body and nervous system. Freeing the bodymind from the charge of old baggage and allowing the natural free and friendly nervous system mode of connection and communication emerge enables you to be much more real, accessible, open, resourceful and effective in your communications and actions inside and with others. 

Together we will find the exactly right mix of coaching, therapy, bodywork and regulation techniques for your nervous system that enable you to get the best results in the fastest time. 

Some of the things we will accomplish:

  • How to break the cycle of destructive habits, emotional patterns and negative beliefs and addictions

  • How to heal emotional trauma and past conditioning and create more loving and harmonious relationships

  • Weird and wonderful tools to overcome depression, anxiety and fear once and for all

  • How to regulate your nervous system and be the best you in any situation

  • How to stop procrastinating and start living a life aligned to your true purpose and desires

  • Scientific techniques to reduce stress, slow the aging process and increase creativity

  • A magical method of bouncing back from loss, broken relationships, and grief

Wanna find out more, Just Give Me A Call

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