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My Background

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Yes, I am on a mission… I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt. And my passion is to inspire and assist you, if and when you are ready to release your old pain, let go of your reactive patterns, heal your trauma, grief and longing and start to live the life you always wanted.

Real happiness comes with being the real you - and that involves letting go of stuff that is not you. 

I am absolutely certain that upgrading your life experience is possible. 20 years of expertise have made me dead sure that help is available and that most of our problems stem from unhealthy reactive patterns caused by our nervous system being on autopilot, instead of us responding freely, openly and appropriately in a relaxed and efficient way. 

So doh, sure you would operate far better if you would feel better – and that’s exactly the point I am making… 

The release of wounds, pains and patterns in our system liberates not only our mind and emotions but most importantly our body and nervous system. Freeing the bodymind from the charge of old baggage and allowing the natural free and friendly nervous system mode of connection and communication emerge enables you to be much more real, accessible, open, resourceful and effective in your communications and actions inside and with others. 

Together we will find the exactly right mix of coaching, therapy, bodywork and regulation techniques for your nervous system that enable you to get the best results in the fastest time. 

Sometimes life has left an imprint on our soul. We know there is more - more potential, better health and more happiness, more freedom and healthier relationships available, and we just cannot access it.


I am passionate about assisting my clients to find the compassion and love for themselves, others and life and express their unique gifts and talents. Sometimes old hurts and trauma have to be heard, accepted and released to enable us to respond healthily, and stop reacting to life in the same old unhealthy, dysfunctional and destructive manner.


Stop reacting, start responding – get the life you always wanted!

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