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Feelgood Retreat

A Healing Holiday. Holistic Health, Wellness and Balance for
your whole being. 

Holistic Health and Balance with Dorothe

This is my Holistic Healing 5 days retreat.

24 - 29 September 2024

Experience this amazing 5-day Healing Holiday.

Embark on a transformative journey towards holistic health, wellness, and emotional well-being. In the tranquil embrace of nature, our retreat offers a haven for your mind, body, and soul. Whether you seek relaxation, rejuvenation, or a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions, here is your path to self-discovery, balance and healing. 

What makes this retreat so different? You get a toolbox full of skills! Be present with sensations, emotions and energetic states of the body. Release deeply rooted unhealthy patterns and find regulation, calm, peace, vibrant health and freedom.


This retreat is for everybody. No level of health or fitness is required. Bodies of all ages, shapes and levels of fitness are welcome. Some experience with E-motion Seminars is helpful but not necessary.


The retreat is simultaneously translated into Slovak/Czech. 


You deserve a little treat! Join us in this unique experience! 

Register and save your spot by writing to me at: ​​

Your nervous system is wired to keep you alive, especially in adverse circumstances. Without knowing and with almost no awareness of it, you have created patterns to keep you safe. Your thinking, feeling, and behaviours organize in ways that worked for you decades ago. Every repetition of these patterns and the ‘success of survival’, have strengthened these neurological pathways.


Your nervous system, your emotionality and even your body get shaped by your experiences and your patterns of survival. All this doesn’t happen on the level of the thinking mind but much deeper, in your autonomous nervous system and the older parts of your brain. 

Your healthy instincts get impaired. Instead of mobilizing energy, expressing, acting and resolving situations and then regulating back down, you get stuck in suppressed energy, emotions, and mobilization. Stuck in Fight/Flight/Fawn or Freeze. Unable to navigate healthily between different states. Without recovery, your nervous system gets stuck and responds with excess Fight/Flight/Fawn/Freeze responses to stressors.

Shame or worthlessness is often used as a coping strategy to dampen down your emotions. Although shame and a strong inner critic may inhibit some energy and emotions, it also shuts off all the healthy and appropriate emotions and energies that have a similar flavour. Suppressing anger for example also robs you from life force, healthy boundaries, power, strength, purpose, and mastery. It can get you stuck in apathy, flatness, burn-out and depression. 


Unlearn automatic responses like shut-down, freeze, dissociation, shame, suppression, denial, and projection, and open to your authentic flow of energy and emotionality. This is how you heal your nervous system and body-mind and re-calibrate your complete system.


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Benefits of the retreat:

  • You will gain the power and wisdom to gently guide yourself back to regulation rather than feeling like there is an internal volcano of energy and emotion that you have no control over.

  • Tap into your body's wisdom and the messengers (emotions and sensations) and cultivate autonomic awareness. Your sensations and emotions guide your healthy and wise decisions in your own best interest.

  • You can use all the beautiful life force and power TODAY when your body and nervous system stop trying to deal with a threat from your past.

  • Learn bottom-up regulation - coming from the bottom, the body, not from the top, the mind - and reset your nervous system.

  • Use your body to discharge old stress activation.

  • The survival brain learns new ways to respond to stressors. It can stop responding as it did from times of chronic and traumatic stress from your past, and respond to what’s happening today.


Suppressing your emotions increases nervous system dysregulation. It can lead to chronic shut-down, freeze and even burn-out.

Regulating doesn’t mean you will never have any feelings or never feel frustrated, sad or scared. It means you can include and hold these powerful feelings and even befriend them.

This is how you integrate the stress responses from earlier years. And this is how the residue of past trauma is integrated and you return to wholeness, health, security, bliss and freedom.

How will you feel after the retreat:

  • You start living the life you envy yourself for!

  • You stop being a puppet on the strings of your trauma. You will reconnect to the body and find oneness, love, security and freedom.

  • Your mind will be still and finally your body can be happy and healthy 

What you can expect:

  • You recap and learn in more depth about the nervous system as the biggest victim of trauma. What are trauma cycles, the trauma vortex and the healing vortex. What is the difference between shock trauma and developmental trauma and what happens to the body, mind and the nervous system.

  • You look at trauma effects and trauma recovery

  • You get to know different personalities with regards to their physicality, breathing, energy, use of life force, use of body, thinking, feeling and patterns, and preferences in the nervous system. You become increasingly aware of the states of the nervous system in yourselves and others and explore how to regulate yourselves and others in and outside processing.

  • You practice different techniques of re-regulating and ‘teaching’ your nervous system to react differently before your trauma response kicks in.

  • You dive more deeply into the importance of connection, touch and movement in processing trauma.

  • You experience floating with human support as a unique way of resetting, re-birth and new beginnings.

  • You will have free time every day to visit the sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, nature, massage therapists or hang out with like-minded souls.


Frequently asked questions:

What language is the retreat?

The retreat is presented in English. Translation into Cz/Sk is available at €100. For more info write to: .

If you need translation into another language, please let me know. We will organize additional translation depending on sufficient demand.

Where is the retreat happening?

The retreat will be held in a beautiful part of the Czech Republic, the Lipno area, known for its amazing nature. Collection from the nearest airports (Linz, possibly Vienna – please let us know what
is more convenient for you) will be organized on request. Find out more about this special place

What is my investment into my health and happiness?

The price for the retreat is €1299,-

Is the price of the accommodation and food included in the price of the retreat?

No, the price of the retreat does not include accommodation and food. However, we have a special deal with the hotel. Your retreat package, including accommodation and food for the whole retreat, is roughly 550 EUR (payable directly to the hotel on arrival).

Once you have signed up, we will let you know all the details and how to book the accommodation package at our special rate.

How long is the retreat?

5 days. The retreat starts with dinner on Tuesday and finishes on Sunday around 4 pm.


For transport from the airport, you need to arrive around a certain time. Please email for more info.

What if I feel like I need to join but I don’t have the money for it?

We offer instalments. If you feel called, please contact us and we will find a way to support you.

Is the retreat for everybody?

This retreat is for everybody. No level of health or fitness is required. Bodies of all ages, shapes and levels of fitness are welcome. Some experience with E-motion Seminars is helpful but not necessary.

Register and save your spot by writing to me at: ​​

I'll send you the payment details. 

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