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E-motion Bodymind Online Course

A Fresh And Unconventional Approach Reveals

How To Heal Through Integrating Body, Mind & Emotions


E-motion Bodymind Course

meet's you where you're at


32 Practical



14 Theory


🌴 Filmed in 

Luscious Bali 


This Online Course is like a TOOLBOX full of:

Bodywork, Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Trauma Release Exercises, Shaking, Theory & so much more

All that you can integrate into your daily life...

To Heal Your Mind and Emotions, Work With Your Body.

It’s Not All Just In Your Head.

What do you know about trauma? You probably know that when bad things happen, some people get stuck and some people don’t.

Module 1 Introduction.png

What if I told you that you could do therapy for years, talk all day, but if you don’t also work on your body not much will happen for you?

Let me tell you why.


Your body is the unconscious mind. We need to address what is stored in the body first in order to solve the problem. That’s why a talking style, top-down approach doesn’t work so well… The catch is, you need to talk to the bodymind as a whole - and that’s best done from the bottom up, starting with the body,  with movement.


So, the next time you are struggling (with stress, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, stuckness, numbness, shutdown, lack of rest) remind yourself that your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It is protecting you. You just need a little work on recalibrating the alarm system, and that’s what this course will do...

But first, Let’s see if any of this resonates with you...


You have tried to fix your problems from the outside - looking for distractions from pain and filling the void with unnecessary shopping, mindless scrolling, emotional eating, smoking, drinking, sex and all that jazz…


you’re wondering why you do this, and added to that, you’re harsh on yourself for doing so, which results in a never-ending cycle of guilt, shame, anger, self-criticism, low self-worth and more.



You’re feeling lost, fatigued, anxious and even a little depressed. Because of these feelings, you’ve separated and disconnected yourself from your body, your emotions, your true self and other people which makes you feel numb and apathetic about life in general.



You have no control over your feelings and your Monkey Mind which drives you nuts and makes you feel like a complete failure. Life seems like a giant hamster wheel where everyone else seems to have their sh*t together, but not you…


Concepts like burnout, energy crisis, procrastination and fear of the future also seem to be the elements of the hamster wheel.

Your past is holding you back in the form of childhood and past trauma; repressed and suppressed emotions; avoidance strategies; limiting beliefs and survival mechanisms which make you grieve, frustrated, sad, regretful and angry about what happened…



You’ve invested in all sorts of courses and seminars, had coaches and therapists, read books and tried all the “foolproof” tips, tricks, and tactics. Instead of seeing big results, you feel even more confused, overwhelmed and lost - and you still haven't achieved the lasting change you desire...



You have no clue WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU and it’s hard to put it in words. Why do I feel the way I feel, why do I behave the way I behave, and why do I experience everything the way I do?


And what’s worse… you have no idea what to do about it.


If you said "yes" to any of the above, you're in the right place! 

I Feel Your Pain, I Have Been There Myself, And Here’s Some Real Talk...

Connecting To Body Meditation.png

You can’t reason your way out of the pain you’re in. Logic won’t stop self-sabotage. All the intellect in the world won’t change the mixture of guilt and shame, erase the worry, or end the uncertainty. Beating yourself up won’t magically build confidence. The answer isn’t another talking-style therapy or buying another miraculous wonder healing gadget.


The answer lies in your body.

This E-motion online course works as a “Reset Button” for your life, helps you win the battle against your inner saboteur and gives you a fresh, new direction to move on with…

> Discover my unconventional and easy to follow systematic approach to Bodywork so you can get your life back and put yourself in the driver’s seat again. Finally, you’ll feel more joy, fulfilment and self-love in your life.


> Feeling lost and wondering what's real and what’s not? Come and join me on 14 theory lessons where I’ll explain exactly why you feel the way you do - and why you behave the way you do - so you can finally understand where your trauma, anxiety and depression is coming from and how it’s twisting your current life experience… And most importantly - what to do about it.

> Enjoy and move along 32 carefully crafted practical bodywork exercises (filmed in luscious Bali) so you can release and really let go of your mental, emotional and physical baggage and past pain.  You’ll be able to recognize the real root of the problem underneath the surface and move on with your life.


> 5 soothing guided meditations will help you relax, get clarity and travel inside on your journey to self-discovery. You will connect to yourself and others around you much more deeply and more intimately.


> Learn and progress when and where it suits you enjoy the course online - anywhere, any time, on your tablet, mobile or laptop.

Rigid Over Under Energetic States.png

Hi, I’m Dorothe Trassl and I want to help you DARE to be alive

I’m on a mission - a mission to promote the love of life, to awaken life force and to spread healing.  My passion is to inspire and assist you, if and when you are ready, to release your old pain, let go of your reactive patterns, heal your trauma, grief and longing and start to live the life you always wanted.


I’ve been there and done it… with over 20 years of experience in the field, I’ve seen hopeless situations and heartbreaking trauma as a therapist in South Africa, I now run my own private practice as a coach and therapist near Munich and I’ve lead and been part of workshops and retreats all over the world.


And you know what, those 20 years working side-by-side with clients and large audiences have made me even more aware of what’s really important in life. It has made me more passionate, more enthusiastic and more loving of life and all living beings.


I was depressed, insecure and troubled in my youth, so I know how it feels, I know the problems, the trials and tribulations inside out and I understand the hurdles, pitfalls and drawbacks. I had to do the healing work the hard way, and I want to make it easier for you! I want you to achieve lasting results faster and in an organic, gentle, easy way!


With this e-course, my intention is to give back to the world and reach out to people like you. As most of my clients and delegates at the workshops need this information and the techniques anyway, they have asked me to combine my most precious findings, tools and theory into this modern online digital format for you to have access to, whenever, and wherever you need it the most.


As the saying goes, nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care… and I do care, it matters to me because I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt... and I know you deserve the best, not only for YOUrself but also for your loved ones.


So, are you ready to dive in? Let's uncover what truly matters to you!


With love,



Body Whisperer

Are you wondering what makes this life-changing E-motion Bodymind Online Course so special and different?

> It’s born out of first-hand experiences, with results I’ve seen and evident proof I’ve had the privilege to witness.


> This unconventional course is built on a completely different and fresh approach. Instead of coming from the mind top down towards the heart, we use the body to release the emotions and clear the mind from the bottom up. Find out more HERE (link to free videos)


> It’s based on science and 20 years of my personal experience working with people and leading workshops all over the world. I know what works and what doesn’t, so I’ve designed this course to leave out all the fluff and cut to the core - for you to get the fastest, long-lasting results.


> Its fresh theory makes otherwise dry and boring stuff accessible, fun and easy to digest. Plus you get effortless practical exercises that are actually tools that you can integrate into your everyday life anytime you like, want or need.


> It’s filmed on location in beautiful Bali which gives you a “healing holiday away from home” feeling now that many of us are not allowed to travel.


> while you'll still learn about the different elements of bodywork and why it’s important for your healing, the FOCUS IS ON ACTION


> This course is structured more like a step by step game plan rather than an encyclopedia


Introducing E-motion Bodymind Online Course - learn how to dance in the rain.

What Is This E-course All About?

It’s about creating a connection with your body and releasing long-term physical and emotional blockages


by practising the most powerful elements of bodywork such as trauma yoga, shaking, trembling, trauma release, breathwork and movement


in combination with soothing meditations and theory that guide you through the process and give meaning to each piece of the puzzle.

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 13.59.47.png

Who Is This E-course For?

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 20.40.42.png

The E-motion Bodymind course is for those who feel the calling to come home to themselves.


The course is suitable for bodies of all ages, shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness. You do not need to have any previous experience of yoga, breathwork or bodywork.


This work meets you where you are – beginner or professional, everyone will benefit, BIG TIME.

Here's What You'll Learn:

> How to climb out of your box, make sense of your subconscious programming and  use psychological insight for practical change


> Practical tools to overcome depression, anxiety and fear once and for all


> How to apply scientific techniques to reduce stress, slow the ageing process and increase creativity


> How to stop procrastinating and start living a life aligned to your true purpose and desires


> How to be in alignment with your values, set an intention coming from your life’s purpose, change your limiting beliefs and turn pain into power


> How to heal emotional trauma and past conditioning and create more loving and harmonious relationships


> How to release Emotions and past trauma, make sense of your past and rewrite your narrative to change your behaviour from its roots


> How to nourish and nurture your body and soul, rest, relax and unwind so you feel grateful for your life and live it fully


> How to break the cycle of destructive habits, emotional patterns and negative beliefs and addictions


> A method of bouncing back from loss, broken relationships, and grief > How to use yoga for all of the above, how shaking benefits and helps us ground and refresh

Here's What You Get With The Program:

> Step-By-Step Video Modules


Access to HD video modules that are filmed in magical Bali - teaching you how to implement a balanced approach to bodywork into your everyday life. Each video is designed to help you realize your true being and potential, take action and move forward with your healing process.


Over the course of four precisely crafted MODULES we’ll cover:


> 32 practical life-changing exercises along with a variety of tools to help you regulate your nervous system, feel good, release & let go.

> 14 theory lessons consisting of psychological concepts explained in an easily digestible, humorous way which will give you a basic understanding of neuroscience with regards to the body-mind-emotion connection and healing

> 5 meditations for peace, calm and connection with yourself


> Accountability & Encouragement in our Private Facebook E-motion Tribe.


Big change requires consistent action and more than a drop of perseverance, but you don’t have to do it alone. Get access to our like-minded Facebook Tribe to get the help & support you need to stay focused, and access timely advice and moral support if you feel wobbly. It’s the best possible, safe environment for growth, sharing and accountability. (You'll probably end up with a few great friends for life too)

😍 Access to my LIVE Monthly Cuddle Huddle (1-hour value + Q&A)


Every month you’re welcome to join my live Monthly Huddle where I share my personal insights and nuggets of wisdom that I don’t share anywhere else - 30 minutes of pure, juicy and value-packed brainfood for you to deepen and advance on your journey. And during the second half, you have an opportunity to get answers to your most burning questions. It’ll be fun, I promise.

> Early Access


Be the first one to find out what’s happening - future retreats, e-courses and out of the blue inspired webinars that are in the pipeline.


> To sum it up:


4 Modules

32 Practical Exercises

14 Theory Lessons

11,5 Hours of HD Value-packed Videos

Plus Facebook Support Group and

😍 Live Monthly Cuddle Huddles

Early access to future stuff

Here's my promise to you...

I am so confident in this program that I'm giving you a test ride to try it out, RISK-FREE!


Watch the theory lessons and DO THE WORK. If you still don’t feel the benefits, simply let me know and I'll refund you in FULL.


The truth is, I’m a big believer in fair exchange and mutual support and if you don’t feel the value, you'll get your investment back.





So, how many books, workshops, healing toys and therapies, gadgets and strategies have you already spent money on without getting the results you’d hoped for?

If your childhood wounds, your past conditioning and the unconscious mind is holding you back, then use this bottom-up approach and make healing your priority. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 14.01.06.png

Nothing will change until you break the patterns keeping you stuck.


😍 Monthly

Cuddle Huddle

32 Practical



14 Theory


🌴 Filmed in 

Luscious Bali 


Get an updated life experience of

freedom, deep fulfilment and joy by

clicking the BUTTON below.

tyhi ankur

Made with ❤️ by Dorothe Trassl

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