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E-motion Coach Training

Your Journey to
Holistic Health

A brand new, long-awaited, in-depth immersion into E-motion techniques 

This training is not only for therapists and coaches, but it is very suitable for everybody who wants to upgrade their life experience!

What if you could understand exactly what your body is telling you?


What if you could connect deeply to yourself and others and support yourself, your loved ones and your clients to handle life with ease?


What if you could make a living out of your passion?


Balance life and work and find fulfilment in both! Live, love, laugh!


Pillars of training: 

Skills development,

Professional development

Heal the Past, Live Now, Create a Future

Healing doesn’t mean never getting triggered again. It doesn’t mean never feeling hurt or pain again. It doesn’t mean being fixed or cured. That is not healing, that is perfectionism in disguise.

Healing is not the absence of something but the presence of something else! Healing is not never feeling or never failing again, but it is compassion with self and others when we are struggling. It is the ability to ask for help. It is the connection with ourselves and safe people who walk with us through the rough patches and hold us when we ask for it. Healing is falling in love with life. 

Masterclass level 1 

E-motion Advanced Training: Read the Body - Reset the Nervous System 

Your body is your best vehicle to connect to yourself and others. To be real, to be the real you, you need alignment of body, mind and soul. True healing happens bottom-up: work on the body and nervous system to heal the heart and mind. Sometimes your defences against life can become stuck - that’s not your fault – that is your chance for growth! Get your energy back into flow. Wanna dive deep with me?

The E-motion method is simple, natural, real, user-friendly and naturally holistic. Easy and effective at the same time. It is logical, clear, science-based and uses the natural ability of body and mind to heal. It fosters connection and intuition and builds community and safety.

What can you expect in this training? 

  • Understand the holistic functions of your body-mind. Look at all three levels: Body, Heart, and Mind and heal them in connection.

  • In-depth knowledge of the nervous system (NS) and the impact it has on body, mind and emotions.

  • Connect to your body. Overcome dissociation in yourself and discover what is underneath. 

  • Learn to read bodies and see/sense/feel what is going on.

  • Learn to work with the body, with breath, touch and movement.

  • Safety first! Practice offering a safe space to yourself and others and keeping yourself safe when assisting others.

  • Develop sensitivity and intuition. From ‘don’t know what I am doing’ to embodied security.

  • Get masterful in releasing stuck energy, memory, and emotion from the body and connect to truth, essence and safety. Get from stuck to flow.

  • Get clear about what emotions are, what they want to tell you and what they are good for. 

  • Become aware of your patterns and release them to be a safe presence for others.

  • Practice emotional release and regulation. Offer co-regulation to others.

  • Learn how to create emotional safety, for yourself and others. How to connect to yourself and how to offer a safe connection.

  • Practice conscious and clear communication.

  • Release maladaptive thinking patterns and limiting beliefs.

  • Deliver a strong grounding in safety and help another find and secure a safe place. 

  • What is trauma and what happens when trauma happens?

  • Learn the difference between developmental and shock trauma and how to deal with it competently.

  • Get clear about triggers and understand healing glimmers. 

  • Find security in working with yourself and others.

  • Realize what impact early attachment wounds have on relationships today and how to heal them. 

  • Connect to your Inner Child and learn to offer mama/papa energy for re-parenting

  • Learn pendulation, titration and how to pace trauma recovery safely and securely

  • Find respect and compassion for self and others. Get a feeling for boundaries and necessary baby steps. 

You will dive deep into all 3 layers of your body-mind: Body-Physical, Heart-Emotional, Mind-Mental


How do you hold tension, how do you respond to sensation, how do you personally embody feelings? How can you move all this through, not to be stuck but be free, become open, soft, flexible, strong, patient, intuitive and balanced? Befriend your body and nervous system. Read your own and other’s body. 



How do you respond to feelings or defend against feelings? What is safe for you to feel? Learn to healthily respond to feelings instead of reacting. Identify and recognize feelings and emotions. Understand what emotions are good for and what they try to tell you. Listen to what your feelings have to say, how they provide and distribute energy and how to use or release this charge.


Look at your thought patterns and thinking habits and how they create behaviours. Release the story you tell yourself about yourself and your life. Understand the difference between a direct experience and the story you infer from it. Get a glimpse at your ego in action. See it with compassion as the survival strategy it really is. 


Trauma-informed yoga, breathwork, therapeutic touch, intuitive movement, trance dance, shaking, neurogenic trembling, e-motive movement, emotional regulation, NS regulation, deep state tools, anchoring, trauma healing techniques, therapeutic communication, intuition, space holding, presence, safety, energy work.


How the training works – length, structure, prices, dates:

The training consists of several modules or Masterclasses that you can take individually, separately, or sign up for all three of them at a reduced rate. To be certified as E-motion Coach you need to experience all three Masterclasses. 


Masterclass Level 1: E-motion Advanced Training: Read The Body – Reset The Nervous System (April 2024)


Masterclass Level 2: Healing The Embodied Ego: Enneagram E-motion Style, Advanced Trauma Tools and Igniting Your Fire Of Freedom (January 2025)


Masterclass Level 3: Empowerment Unleashed – Mastery of E-motion Coaching and Trauma-Informed Body-mind Healing (September 2025) 


Each Masterclass includes:

  • three online trainings before and 

  • three online trainings after the live, residential week.  

  • Each online session covers a specific topic, 

  • takes 3-4h, 

  • includes Q&A, 

  • happens once a month in the evening and 

  • will be recorded.

Participants in the Coach training will additionally meet in practice groups and with a ‘sparring’ partner. 

Find connection in a group of like-minded people. Practice with each other in buddy groups, with accountability partners, live or online. Deepen your knowledge in monthly Cuddle Huddles and get guidance online with Q&A calls. 

Masterclass Levels 2 and 3 have the same structure and length (one live week and six online meetings, three before and three after the live event, group support etc). 


First Live Masterclass Level 1: E-motion Advanced Training: Read The Body – Reset The Nervous System


takes place 14.-21. April 2024 in Kubas’ Cottage 


This cottage is nestled in a beautiful countryside at the foot of the Eagle Mountains. We will have exclusive use and be all on our own, in nature. 

Online dates: 

11.1., 8.2., 7.3., 16.5., 13.6 , 11.7. 

Who can participate?

EveryBody, regardless of age, gender, or level of health or fitness, who is interested in upgrading their life experience. You must have done both basic seminars, E-motion Trauma Release and E-motion Inner Child Healing.  Both seminars must be completed before you join the Masterclass.


One level booked separately: €2.000,-

All 3 Masterclasses booked together: €4.500,- (reduced rate €1.500,- each)

You can pay in 5 instalments with no additional cost (€900x5). If you need installments, please let me know via email! 

The price does not include room, board or transportation. 

The price for the accommodation and full meals at the first Masterclass 1 at Kubasovachalupa in April 2024 will be approximately CZK 7.000,- (approx. € 287) for the entire stay. Please find your own transport. The organizers will assist in car sharing and shared transport from the airport (e.g. Prague). 


The training language is English. Translation for Czech and Slovak is available at €160 per Masterclass or €480 for the entire training. Other languages might be organized on sufficient demand. 

Register and save your spot by writing to me at: 

I'll send you the payment details. 


Masterclass level 2

Healing the Embodied Ego: Enneagram E-motion Style, Advanced Trauma Tools and Igniting Your Fire of Freedom (January 2025)

Online dates: 

12.9., 10.10., 7.11.

What if you could be more yourself and care less about what everyone thinks and does? What if you could let go of your false masquerade and stop playing a role? What if you could be so real that there is nothing to pretend and nothing to defend? Find freedom and fulfilment in connection to your real Self.

What can you expect in this training:

  • Learn to understand feelings and emotions, preferences and patterns of Self and others. Learn to read the physical expressions of the 9  Enneatypes. What happens to the Body, Heart and Mind around the Enneagram. Spot differences in the nervous system (NS) and become aware of blockages and new pathways to healing. 

  • Become aware of how your ego influences your body, your health, your nervous system (NS) patterns, attachment style, emotionality, beliefs, thoughts, story and decision-making.

  • Realize how your ego has separated you from yourself, others (especially your loved ones) and life. 

  • Find the connection between ego and trauma and heal both.

  • Get to know the 9 Enneagram types: 9 ways of responding to self and the world around us. 9 variations of avoiding and desiring. 9 strategies on autopilot.

  • Heal the past – not stuck in the story anymore but live in the now and create the future in freedom and full of resources - with passion, power and purpose.

  • Heal the impact of insecure attachment and early attachment wounds. Find out how your core emotional needs were not met and how this feeds into a system of avoidances.

  • Learn to stay present to Self, feeling, holding space, and regulating NS.

  • Train to spot states and read the body of yourself and your client. Practice in groups. We heal together! Hold hands on the journey to Self. Tools to regulate and co-regulate.

  • Work with body/sensations/tensions – where there is too much tension/charge and where too little energy. Lift stuckness/freeze.

  • Work with heart/emotions/feelings – what is allowed/not, what is preferred/avoided, what are we trying to run away from and what to attain/achieve. 

  • Work with mind/thoughts/beliefs/patterns – what are core values and what ego prescriptions. Release concepts and ‘musts’.

  • Trust your body and intuition, read your client.

  • Work with the energies that were suppressed, heightened or denied.

  • Tools as in the first Masterclass plus Enneagram and Floating.

  • Experience a complete reset in assisted floating. Let yourself be born again. Be who you really are. Release deep-seated holding from the body and NS. 

You get a chance for a new start! It is never too late for a happy childhood! Reset completely and start afresh. Live who you really are. Find the courage to be free. 


Masterclass level 3


Empowerment Unleashed - Mastery of E-motion Coaching and Trauma-Informed Body-mind Healing (September 2025) 


What if your work started making piles of money to match the passion you put in?


Put all the pieces of the training together. Fine-tune your healing powers. Practice elegant energy work. Become an expert at body reading and nervous system reset. Embody the principles of safety, presence and space holding. Find security in your embodied knowledge. Power up and reconnect your intuition. Feel precisely when to do what. Get lots of practical hands-on experience and watch guided sessions with peer feedback. Learn and heal in a like-minded, safe and compassionate community. Become part of a new wave of holistic healing! 

This training is the cherry on the cake of your learning. On the base of level one and two Masterclass, you learn how to spread your wings. From paint by numbers to full artist expression. You stop knowing what you are doing and simply embody a healing presence. A safe space for others to heal. To be. Stop surviving, and start living as the full expression of you! Allow your passion to pay off in material wealth and passionate living. 


Get the life you envy yourself for! Be proud of who you really are!


What you can expect in this training:


  • Best practices and tons of tips and tricks of the trade. Find your niche, identify your preferred clientele, trust yourself and your professional process. 

  • Find trust and safety in your own body and in connection so you don’t get scared about what is happening. Nothing human will be alien to you! Trembling, emotional waves, symptoms, get clear of what you want to welcome and work with. 

  • Find and set up clear boundaries of what you don’t want to invite

  • Learn in the safety of a tribe. Practice in buddy groups and meet for cuddle huddles to get more insight and answers to all your burning questions.

  • Get assistance in processing, compassionate feedback and peer support.

  • Learn and understand the connection between body, NS, ego and all the possible issues that stem from it. Get intuitive and embody a healing presence for your clients on their path to connection and freedom. Heal your own blockages and fears of connections to be able to reach a helping hand to others.

  • Learn conscious and healing communication: Validating, asking and telling observations

  • Help clients to become aware and connect to their felt sense

  • Trust the self-healing capacity of the body and ever-learning and adapting of mind and NS

  • Touch on sensitive topics like (not limited to) death, kids, abuse, relationships, attachment, bonding, addiction, violence

  • Deal with Body armour

  • Re-sourcing

  • Re-parenting

  • Learn to lead self-help groups and guide practice.

  • Group work

  • Tools as in the other Masterclasses, fine-tuning what to use when.

  • Plus Life Coaching – where are we now, where do we want to be and how do we get there? 

  • Plus group sessions and working with groups.

If you have questions or you want to  

Register and save your spot then write to me at: 

I'll send you the payment details. 

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