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Advanced retreat that introduces the Enneagram with emphasis on the physical and energetic differences, the somatic expression (body armour) & their relevance to processing & healing.

This is my Holistic Healing 5 days retreat.


Learning skills to be present with sensations, emotions and energetic states of the body will lead to deactivation, calm, peace and freedom and enables you to see what memories or old triggers are keeping you stuck in dysregulation or unhealthy expression of ego or false persona.


This retreat is for: this is an advance retreat only for people which attended E-motion or Inner child bodywork from me, or No Ego retreat by Brandon Bays

Join us in this unique experience on how to train our nervous system

Our nervous system is wired to keep us alive, especially in adverse circumstances. Without knowing and with almost no awareness thereof, we all create a persona (separate from our true self) we present to the world to keep our little selves safe. We organize our thinking, feeling, and behaviours in ways that worked for us decades ago, and with every repetition of these patterns and with the ‘successes of survival, we strengthen these neurological pathways. Our nervous system, our emotionality and even our bodies physically get shaped by our experiences and our patterns of survival. All this doesn’t happen on the level of the thinking mind but much deeper, in our autonomous nervous system and the older parts of our brain.

Our ego is the persona we created to protect ourselves from overwhelming experiences or lack of support, love, resources and regulating factors. It can be a success story for long periods of time, but the downside is, it always and inevitably limits our freedom, our ability to live and express all aspects of us and it always has a strong effect on our wellbeing. In our bodies, hearts, minds and our relationships.

Our healthy instincts get impaired. Instead of mobilizing energy, expressing, acting and resolving situations and then regulating back down, completing the stress response. Very often we get stuck in suppressed energy, emotions, mobilizations. Stuck in Fight/flight/fawn or freeze. Unable to navigate healthily and flowingly between different states. Without recovery, our nervous system gets stuck and responds with excess fight/flight/fawn/freeze response to future stressors.

Shame is often used as a coping strategy to dampen down our emotions. Although shame and a strong inner critic may inhibit some energy and emotions, it also shuts off all the healthy and appropriate emotions and energies that have a similar flavour. Suppressing anger for example also robs us from life force, healthy boundaries, power, strength, purpose, mastery. It can get us stuck in apathy, flatness, burn-out and depression.

Exercising and training our nervous system and the body mind to unlearn automatic responses like shut-down, freeze, dissociation, shame, suppression, denial, projection and opening to an authentic flow of energy and emotionality heals your nervous system and body mind and helps re-calibrate your complete system.

Benefits of the retreat:


  • You will gain the power and wisdom to gently guide yourself back to regulation rather than feeling like there is an internal volcano of energy and emotion that you have no control over.

  • Tapping into your body wisdom and the messengers (emotions and sensations) and cultivating autonomic awareness helps you use sensations and emotions to guide your healthy and wise decisions in your own best interest.

  • You can use all the beautiful life force and power TODAY, when your body and nervous system stop trying to deal with a threat from your past.

  • You learn bottom-up regulation (coming from the bottom, the body, not from the top, the mind) involves regulation (and recalibrating) your nervous system.

  • You learn to work with the body to discharge old stress activation.

  • The survival brain learns new ways to respond to stressors. It can stop responding as it did from times of chronic and traumatic stress from your past, and respond to what’s happening today.

Suppressing your emotions increases nervous system dysregulation. It can lead to chronic shut-down, freeze and even burn-out. 

Regulating doesn’t mean you will never have any feelings or feel frustrated, sad or scared. It means you can include and hold those powerful feelings and even befriend them. 

This is how you integrate the stress responses from earlier years. And this is how the residue of past trauma is integrated and you return to wholeness, bliss, freedom. 


You stop being a puppet on the strings of your trauma and start living the life you. 

How you will feel after the retreat: 

  • You will become aware of how your Enneatype – type of Enneagram has influenced your physicality, your nervous system patterns, attachment style and use of life force.

  • You discover how ego has separated you from Self, Others, Life. How this might be related to trauma. How healing trauma and regulating the nervous system helps with healing from ego fixation, finding re-connection and freedom.

  • You will reconnect to the body and find oneness and ego free surrender. Using the body to still the mind and find liberation.

What you can expect:

  • This workshop introduces the Enneagram with emphasis on the physical and energetic differences, the somatic expression (body armour) and their relevance to processing and healing.

  • We recap and learn in more depth about the nervous system as the biggest victim of trauma, about trauma cycles, the trauma vortex and the healing vortex. Difference of shock trauma and developmental trauma and what happens to the body and the nervous system respectively.

  • We interweave trauma effects and trauma recovery with the teachings of the enneagram.

  • We look at the triads and the points with regards to their physicality, breathing, energy, use of life force, use of body, thinking, feeling and patterns, and preferences in the nervous system and what assists them in processing and releasing more deeply.

  • We notice the differences in reactive patterns in ourselves and others and explore different interventions in touch and movement. We become more aware of physical signs and micro muscular movements and how to use them effectively in general processing and trauma work.

  • We pay attention to the specific identity distortions that happen in trauma and around the enneagram and what happens to the nervous system with that.

  • We become increasingly aware of the states of the nervous system in ourselves and our clients and we explore how to regulate ourselves and others in and outside processing.

  • We learn more about shock trauma and developmental trauma and how developmental trauma might correlate with our Enneatype – type of Enneagram. We practice various approaches to help ourselves and our clients to ‘catch up’ on and process what we missed/were overwhelmed by in our development. We assist each other to ‘grow up’ healthily in a very direct and physical way.

  • We practice different techniques of re-regulating and ‘teaching’ our nervous system to react differently before our trauma response kicks in.

  • We dive more deeply into the relevance of touch and movement in processing trauma.

The focus in processing is shared equally, balanced between our own experience and providing assistance to another person.

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